DESIRE LINES: Hybrid Documentary. 2024 Sound Design, Music Composition, and Mixing. (Directed by Jules Rosskam.) Premiered at Sundance 2024, NEXT Special Jury Award Winner. View Trailer

THE VOW: HBO Documentary Series, Episodes 1-9. 2020 – Sound effects editor. (Directed by: Karim Amer, Jehane Nouhaim, Omar Mullick.) Created abstract sound design with modular synthesis rig and custom live-production studio. Original content featured in all nine episodes of the series.

THE BOY FROM MEDELLIN: Amazon Documentary. 2020 – Music editor. (Directed by: Matthew Heineman.) Compiled, edited, and synced the live audio recordings of latin reggaeton star J Balvin.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN UGANDA: Documentary. 2020 – Assistant dialogue editor. (Directed by: Cathryne Czubek & Hugo Perez.)

NORMAN: Feature. 2010 – Soundtrack/Writer. (Directed by: Jonathan Segal.)

GOD OF LOVE: Short. 2010 – Sound effects editor. (Directed by: Luke Matheny.) Created sound effects for the 2010 Oscar-winning live action short, “God Of Love.”