Melissa Dyne is an artist, musician, synthesist, and sound designer. She works across genres and media, creating compositions, performances, sound design, and installation works exploring the emotional and performative properties of sound and light. Classically trained on the cello as a child, she went on to study physics and fine arts at The College of Santa Fe, NM, and audio engineering and acoustics at SAE Institute NYC. Since 2007 she has been one half of the experimental-electronic-pop band The Blow, releasing numerous recordings and touring their performance-art works nationally and internationally. Her site-specific installations have been exhibited at Museum of the City of Mexico City; Ex Teresa, Mexico City; Para Site, Hong Kong; Portland Museum of Contemporary Craft; and Yerba Buena Center for The Arts, San Francisco, among other locations. She lives and works in New York City.

Mobile studio installed at Etopia Centro de Arte y Technologia in Zaragoza, Spain for the Fuga Artists Residency, 2018

Melissa Dyne is a synthesis programmer with extensive experience designing and implementing multi-instrumental audio processing systems for studio as well as live performance. Incorporating both hardware and software, she creates a unique signal flow for the realization of each project. She has worked for years as head engineer and synthesist for world-renowned percussionist Bashiri Johnson, utilizing creative mic placement, sampling, and processing techniques on recordings for mainstream pop artists. She engineers, produces, arranges, and mixes, and was initially trained in recording to tape and traditional analogue sound creation and manipulation. She is sponsored by Schertler Pro Audio.

SOFTWARE: ProTools Ultimate 2020, Ableton Live, Logic, Reason, Soundly,
Waves, Fabfilter, Isotope, Soundtoys, UAD, Accusonus, Valhalla DSP, Native Instruments, Plugin Alliance, Two Big Ears.

HARDWARE: Eurorack Modular Synths (Cwejman, Modcan, Make Noise, Synthesis Technology, Rossum Electro-Music, ALM, 4MS, Mutable Instruments, TipTop Audio, Intelligel, Doepfer, and a Kenton MIDI to CV convertor), Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000, Dave Smith Instruments Mopho SE, Roland SPD-S sample pad, Doepfer Ribbon Controller, Oberheim Matrix series, Shertler Arthur 48 Modular Mixing Board with various modules, Custom 500 series preamps – Capi Vp28 Vp26 and Vp312 (with carbon resisters and a cinema transformer wound like a 80’s API transformer), Eventide DDL 500 series delays, Meris Mercury 7 500 series reverb, Great River PWM 501 pulse width compressor, Neuman TLM 103,  Shertler contact pickup mics, Zoom H4n, Telefunken m80, Shure sm58, Audio Technica AE3300, various effects pedals, DI boxes, expression pedals.